Once of my favorite features on Cisco MDS switches is Device Aliasing.  It is, simply put, aliases for World Wide Names which can be referenced in your config rather than a cryptic WWN.  For a good overview on Device Aliasing head over to Scott Lowe’s blog post on the subject.  Recently I had an environment which wasn’t using device aliasing at all – something I wanted to rectify. Mapping over 300 World Wide Names to host names was a daunting task, so I decided to automate it! Big surprise, right? I create a Perl script which takes a WWN as input and gives output, based on zone names, which can be ran on an MDS switch to create an alias. The trick is figuring out the name of the server, so I turned to my zones.  My host names are included in my zoning naming standard, like this: [box]z_vmax2384_testserver01_5f1[/box] As you can see my zones follow a standardRead More →