About Me

HeadshotAs an Infrastructure Specialist with over twenty years of experience, I have been able to dive deep into the trenches designing enterprise class datacenter solutions. I started out my career by embracing  an entrepreneurial and technology spirit and started a small internet service provider in Ohio. During this time I was able to help many organizations, both small and large, to develop network solutions. This was also when I was first exposed to the world of enterprise storage, where I eventually honed my skills to understand end to end infrastructure.

While working in the enterprise space I have been able to develop an excellent understanding of the challenges facing the modern infrastructure provider. With a deep understanding of storage, networking, and virtualization I am able to help design and implement new solutions to address these challenges. With a knack for translating business needs into technology solutions, I aim to help other use IT to drive business value.

I am an energetic speaker who seeks to entertain and educate people.I’ve written many articles on storage, networking, and virtualization technologies and am at the forefront of changes in technology. For information on speaking engagements or consultation,  feel free to use the contact form below.