A few years ago while attending EMC World, I had the chance to meet with Chuck Hollis and several other VMware employees to talk about an idea they had. They wanted to make use of untapped local storage resources inside an ESX host. Rather than simply holding the ESX boot image, they wanted to make the resource usable for virtual machines inside the entire ESX cluster. We talked over what seemed like a clustered file system that could protect data across ESX hosts. I pointed out that spinning disks are slow and they talked about using SSD drives to accelerate I/O operations. It was an interesting idea and I was curious if anything would ever come of it. As you might have guessed something did come of it: Virtual SAN. With the initial release of VSAN I was interested but, admittedly, a bit underwhelmed. Here we are, a year after general availability, and VSAN has taken aRead More →

It’s almost time for my first departure to VMworld in San Francisco. As most of you know this is my first, hopefully of many, VMworld. I’ve got a lot going on – so much that I had to map my time out in a spreadsheet. What i’m looking forward to at VMworld: Some definitive information about Marvin or Whatever. We’ve been hearing and reading about Marvin being some type of hyper-converged offering from VMware, but not much else.  VMware has always stated they are a software company,  not a hardware company.  So I’m expecting some type of partnership or certification process for hardware vendors. It’s going to be interesting for people like Nutanix as this could open up that market in a vastly different way. CloudVolumes.  Oh man,  VMware recently announced this acquisition with a lot of social media buzz.  I see this as VMware’s answer to the container craze being drive by, largely, Docker.   I’m sureRead More →