Generating EMCOPY commands for celerra2isilon migration scripts


After seeing my Perl scripts for migrating from EMC Celerra to Isilon a few people have asked me how I moved my actually data from the source Celerra to my target Isilon. The answer is pretty simple: EMCOPY. EMCOPY is basically a fast version of robycopy used for moving data while maintain ACLs and permissions.. It’s CIFS/SMB centric and very easy to use. You run it from a windows machine with access to both shares and it copies data. I wrote a quick script to generate my EMCOPY commands based on my previous ones. Wanted to share that with everyone.



Now it’s time for a short note and small disclaimer. This script works for me in my environment. Do your homework and make this work for you. While I have tried to make this robust and fully functional, it’s important to note “stuff happens”, this is still provides “as is” with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk and all that jazz.


  1. this is excellent stuff, can i request a big red button that says “That was Easy” 🙂

  2. Haha.. ironically i have a web front in which has a large red button as a “submit” which I use to bind luns… I want to tie it into my raspberry pi.. hah!

  3. Hi Mark well!! done I like your work (school of thought) keep it up boet.

  4. dan pritts

    Hah, I wrote a similar script. Unfortunately, I had some issues with the EMCOPY 4.16 not properly copying the file ownership. At least some of the time, the first user in the first group would be installed as the owner, instead of the original owner.

    I ended up using robocopy and installing some SID mangling rules on the Isilon. The whole process has been a huge PITA.

    • I actually use robocopy most of the time as well. I have also used rsync and some clever find commands to move SMB ACLS

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